Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Honey Bear Cats

HONEY BEAR CATS According to the breed legend, The Honey Bear breed was scientifically created in a laboratory by adding selected genetic material from a Skunk to a female Persian cat with excellent results - a large, good-natured cat filled with fun, spirit, curiosity and an endearing personality.

Honey Bears have a very distinctive appearance to match their unique and unusual personality. They have a broad head like the Persian with rounded, tufted ears and a nose that is medium to short in length. Their round to almond-shaped eyes come in a variety of remarkable golden colors, including pure gold, greenish gold, golden brown, and copper with a hint of orange. Honey Bears are large, stocky cats with relatively short legs and rounded paws that display large tufts of fur. They have a shorter, fluffy tail that resembles either a skunk - or a raccoon, and is either held high or dragged low behind the Honey Bear.

They are born with stripes, most kittens will lighten in color as they mature, although some Honey Bears coats darken with time and these stripes will reappear. As they age, the Honey Bears coat colors will change, and these stripes may turn into spots, fade or even disappear. Remaining stripes are usually found on the tail, legs or head and face areas. Characteristics and TemperamentThey love to be handled and will "flop" in your arms once they get to know you. Honey Bears love attention and are eager to please.

Kittens for sale. Now taking Deposits. My kittens are raised by hand in a home environment with lots of attention. They come to you pre-spoiled! We currently have kittens that will be ready for new approved homes soon. We also have a few young adult cats available for adoption.

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Great looking kittens, they are very special!